Areo Power tanks are patented, cost-effective, environmentally safe aboveground tank systems designed for the safe storage of flammable and combustible liquids, fertilizers, hazardous wastes and chemicals. Areo Power units were the first tanks of their kind to obtain an Underwriters Laboratories certification for the entire system, not just the primary tank.

Unique features of the system ...

Containment Diking

The primary tank is designed to install inside the secondary containment dike. Traditionally aboveground tank dikes have been made of earth or concrete. The Areo Power system provides integral diking which allows the units to be easily relocated while utilizing the strength, fire resistance and impermeability of steel.


Areo's unique rainshield system minimizes rainwater and debris accumulation in the containment area while allowing for visual leak monitoring. The rainshields are removable permitting easy access for maintenance or inspection.

Overflow Protection

The patented overflow protection system safeguards against the possibility of a spill due to an overfilling of the primary tank. The system uses a pressure relief device in conjunction with the vent deflector and overflow chute to ensure that excess product will be diverted into the containment dike and not emitted from the normal vent during an extraordinary overfill condition.

Fill Containment

The integral locking fill containment chamber is designed to contain spillage occurring when delivery truck hoses disconnect. The containment chamber provides an overflow pipe to divert the product into the containment dike if a spill occurs.


Areo Power units are provided with a staircase, fill platform and handrails making filling the unit a safe and easy assignment. Treads and platforms are OSHA-BOCA approved, slip-resistant fiberglass grating.

Tank Options

Some of Areo Power's tank options and accessories are listed below. Much of Areo's work involves custom fabrication. Our engineering department is available to provide technical support in designing an aboveground storage system to meet any need. If your application calls for customized tank construction, specific coating or accessories not listed, contact Areo Power's Engineering Department to discuss the services available.