Areo Power tanks are patented, cost-effective, environmentally safe aboveground tank systems designed for the safe storage of flammable and combustible liquids, fertilizers, hazardous wastes and chemicals. Areo Power units were the first tanks of their kind to obtain an Underwriters Laboratories certification for the entire system, not just the primary tank.

Maintenance is minimized by our rain (leaf and debris) diverter system, which allows for ventilation, but prevents the accumulation of rain water that may need to be handled as a contaminated substance. Any unexpected overflow from the emergency vent is safely contained and does not pose a threat to the environment. Emergency vent will activate before product escapes the 4 foot regular vent.

Unlike underground systems the "UNITIZED FUELER" may be easily relocated as facilities expand and is much easier to lease or finance than other systems. It can be built to your exact specifications regarding pumping, filtering, blending, etc. Installation is simple and inexpensive.

Unique Features

Visual inspection is easy with Areo's unique system.