3048, 5072 & 1072 Models

Areo Power tank models 3048, 5072 and 1072 are low cost, multipurpose tanks specifically designed for the safe storage of waste, heating and lube oils, diesel fuel and solvents. These units feature containment volumes which exceed 150% of the primary tank capacity. The unique rainshield system prevents water and debris accumulation in the containment dike while making provisions for visual monitoring. Like most AREO-POWER tanks these models come complete with our patented overflow protection system and fill containment chamber.

Because or their compact design these units can easily be moved with forklifts and can be fitted with Areo Power's hand, utility or cabinet pumps.

These units are also available with an 8 inch diameter fill hatch and removable strainer for application where filling from portable containers take place. These models are designed with the suffix "W".

All units are listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for the outdoor storage of flammable and combustible liquids.

275R & 275RW

Models 275R and 275RW are used in similar applications as the 3048, 5072 and 1072. The primary difference is the space requirement The 275 series takes up less floor space than the above listed models. The 2752 is specifically for heating Oil, lube oil and motor fuel; i.e. new liquid. The 275RW is for waste oil and waste solvents and other products in the waste stream.

This unit comes with a special hatch to facilitate the filling of the unit. These units are manufactured to the highest Areo Power standards. They come coated on the exterior with red primer and combustible liquids.