Areo Power's unique Oil Water Separator provides one of the industry's most cost-effective alternatives to conventional separators by applying cutting edge technology to proven flow-through design.

Areo Power's Oil Water Separators feature top centerline flanged inlet and outlet for conventional burial, or an optional "head entry' design for shallow burial for flat terrain where there is little allowable slope for the piping. Units can deliver flow rates from 50 to 5,000 gpm and discharge rates of oil/water down to 10 ppm or less.

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Separators are available nationally in sizes accommodating 500 to 50.000 gallons. Above ground and below ground models are available in single wall, double wall or rectangular construction to satisfy individual needs, and each underground unit is backed by Areo Power's 30 year limited warranty.

Areo Oil Water Separators are also approved for use in New York City. When requesting a quote for a New York City model please specify.