Areo offers Suffolk County Pre-Approved Generic storage tanks for gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel and motor oil. We have both cylindrical and rectangular pre-approved tanks. Suffolk County developed the generic tank program to simplify the tank permitting process. All tanks approved under this program must be 1,000 gallons or less and typical tank installation drawings must be pre-approved by the County. Property owners / operators must apply for a permit to install these tanks and the installation must be in accordance with pre-approved drawings. Since plans do not need to be submitted, the user benefits because there are no engineering fees or plan review fees. A nominal fee is required and permits application and tank registration forms must be submitted.

Rectangular Tanks (Space Saving)

The rectangular line comes completely assembled with all accessories installed. This makes for a very cost-effective, quick installation.
300 Gallon Motor Oil  1000 gallon Diesel Fuel 
500 gallon Diesel Fuel  1000 gallon Gasoline 
500 gallon Gasoline  1000 gallon Fuel Oil 
500 gallon Fuel Oil 

Cylindrical Tanks

250 gallon Waste Oil   500 gallon Diesel Fuel  
500 gallon Waste Oil   1000 gallon Diesel Fuel  
250 gallon Fuel Oil   500 gallon Gasoline  
500 gallon Fuel Oil   1000 gallon Gasoline  
1000 gallon Fuel Oil   250 gallon Motor Oil  
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Contact Areo for more information on the Suffolk County Generically Approved tank program.