Areo's OP Tank is designed to eliminate the worry, the mess and the danger of aboveground storage tank overfills. Our OP Tank captures and stores delivery overfills resulting from mistakes or failures during filling operations. Our patented design safely directs the overfilled product via the Overfill Protector into the OP Chamber. The OP Chamber is large enough to contain a spill of at least 20% of the tank's storage volume, so there's plenty of room to contain even high volume overfills. Unlike other forms of secondary containment, the OP keeps the product in the storage tank where it can be easily recovered and reused.

OP Firegaurd Tank Drawings

1,000 gallon  4,000 gallon -- 96" 
1,500 gallon  4,000 gallon -- 64" 
2,000 gallon  5,000 gallon 
2,500 gallon  6,000 gallon 
3,000 gallon  8,000 gallon 
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